The League of Core Leaders

The management serves the major role play in establishing the essence of transportation in delivering excellent and trustworthy cargo services. The management comprises of like minded people where knowledge and experience meet in providing the right direction in the right way.

Mr. Kamal Deep Singh - (Jt.) Managing Director

The leading superstar in logistics, Mr. Kamal Deep Singh, the Managing Director of Green Express Carriers Pvt. Ltd. has formed a strong base in managing organised way of methodologies and systematic way of decisions. Graduated from the esteemed Delhi University in 1995, his sack of education also includes International Business Management Course pursued from Harvard University, USA in 1996.

A pioneer in the field of corporate fraternity with respect to profound customer service skills and standardised marketing doctrines, Mr. Kamal Deep Singh joined this domain of cargo services in 1993. With strong business acumen in marketing operations, earlier he was assigned as a Marketing Executive and paved ways towards innovative edges. Driven by an irresistible passion to excel, he initiated Train cargo service in 1998. Also his insurmountable contribution constitutes in commencing Air cargo service in Go Air in 2009 with same day deliveries through Airport to Airport service.

“There are lots of reasons to smile, and one such reason is taking care of deliveries infused with customer trust and dependency which has been progressing still today. What is my understanding of today’s technology is that of online and mobile phones and its easy access where anyone can do booking from anywhere for the best and cheap cargo services. The thought is a practical barometer of economy and the aim is to delivering multiple services easily and economically.”